Hermes released a number of new series of watches

In 1991, Henri d’Origny whimpered into the square dial into the rectangular frame, Cape Cod’s prototype was born. In the years since, Cape Cod has always been with the times, constantly with whimsy interpretation of the original design ideas. The new men’s watch style tough, advanced watch the superb skills of the achievements of the movement, case and dial, and from Hermes excellent leather processing technology made of straps for Cape Cod men’s series of watches to add handsome temperament.

Blue, black or black to form a new series of Cape Cod new color dial, with echoes with indigo, matte black and matte black crocodile leather strap. Gorgeous dial, Hermes homemade H1912 movement stable and accurately played the rhythm of seconds, time and color constitute a beautiful visual symphony.

In addition, this year launched a new paint dial reflect the elegant red and brown halo, gradient color makes the dial color level more rich.

Cutting, polishing and the famous “saddle stitching” (day saddle stitching), day after day, year after year, craftsmen in Hermes leather strap workshop constantly repeating these delicate manual work, with superb skills achievements Exclusive design: the traditional belt and cuff design fusion, the choice of crocodile skin or BarĂ©nia calfskin to create a unique wrist strap; and by the Maltese blue and Hermes red or hemp gray combination of two-color smooth calfskin Straps.

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