Hermes make jewelry for african people

We went to Mali, Africa, to visit friends who made jewelry for Hermes.

In Bamako, we found an unusual black and white photo exhibition, before leaving to the ancient city of Djenné, which I had long wanted to know.

After a long way, we borrowed a boat to Jenne, in fact, it is located on a small island.

An exotic city, surrounded by ocher sand walls, as if in the desert turned out at the same time is a city of Berbers, a Muslim island. In the desire to visit the mosque, I quit and then no longer insist.

Like the scene in the film, in front of meandering trails, and colorful market among the dark blue and never seen the ocher embraced each other. Colorful fruits and vegetables are mixed with African tones, as if they were strokes of light, painted with sunshine. In the hot weather of the Arabian style, we walked slowly.

Helpless, lack of enthusiasm, in Jen, foreigners are not very popular, but if kept cautious, careful to go, not yet in trouble. In this protected, self-reflection on the history of the island, I did not feel excluded, but to appreciate the tolerance.