Exclusive custom service from hermes

With exclusive Zhen products, is the wish of every distinguished guest, Hermes is also the same recourse. This exhibition covers Horizon special customization department selected products, these tailored for the guests of the heart of things, but also their dream of life aesthetic projection. Special customization of the wonderful process seems to be a metaphor for life, full of collision and ups, surprises and waiting. Precious inspiration combined with Hermes unique style of charm, as if the design into the two interesting vitality of the vitality, and then through the manual sketch, three-dimensional modeling and three-dimensional simulation of the precise procedures, the abstract ideas through scientific methods vivid and intuitive display come out. Hermes professional designers to overcome the difficulties of knowledge, aviation, shipping, interior design and other areas of expertise is no longer a dream limit. Each workshop focused on creating a different product category, Hermes praise the spirit of the ultimate craftsmen.

Hermes Horizon is committed to pouring on every unique dream of wisdom and skill, the birth layer to see the extraordinary design of the stack. The special custom show carefully selected personal custom and mobile interiors works, highlighting the extraordinary creativity of Hermes and excellent handmade craftsmen. For the special order to create the silk kite gorgeous hair with elegant and elegant texture, showing a unique idea; by the maple and Swift calfskin mini-table football game is to highlight the chic ideas and fun; Bolide handbag in the To maintain its classic shape on the basis of the essence of creative design, exquisite hand embroidery to give a unique geometric symbols to life; falcon 900 aircraft tailored interior design will be the perfect combination of leather and fabric, printing weaving in Hermes cited Proud of the leather flying beyond the horizon of inspiration. Special customization gives the product a unique character and soul, is Hermes for the guests of the original dream of the true guardian.

“Exclusive customization is representative of everything,” said VĂ©ronique Nichanian, director of male art at Hermes. Accompanied by this exquisite vivid notes, male custom custom mysterious world quietly present. Whether it is a fine structure of the suit, fit the shape of the shirt, or highlight the personality of the leather, are covered in the whole category of men about the dream. Hermes professional custom workshop, the time is no longer synonymous with luxury. Here the craftsmen will strictly abide by the complicated production process, immersed in the eclectic Seiko secret agents. And Hermes high quality rich material treasurehouse is to provide a dream to achieve the excellent fertile soil: from around the world selected fabrics, continue to introduce new color chromatography and let all the rush of the upper cortex, are waiting for a meeting with you.