Hermes has made cooperation with Benz

At the end of March this year, Hermes Express and Mercedes-Benz signed a 1,500 electric car big single. It is reported that by the beginning of 2018, these electric vehicles will gradually in Hamburg, Germany and Stuttgart for trial, for the city “last mile” delivery. 2020 years ago, the 1500 cars will be completed delivery, mainly involved in the models, including Wei Ting and Ling special.

Electric cars are of great significance to climate and the environment. City vehicle electrification is the future development trend. The focus of the Mercedes-Benz electric car test is economy, sustainability and practicality, which, in addition to helping to improve the efficiency of parcel delivery, can also plan the optimal delivery route based on residual electricity and mileage information. Hermes said that by 2025, it would achieve zero emissions in all German metropolitan cities. The entire package express delivery industry is particularly concerned about the technical feasibility and economic benefits of electric vehicles, and look forward to the establishment of a new concept of electric vehicle industry integration, the necessary charging facilities are also integrated into the actual operation.

It is understood that Hermes and Mercedes-Benz has many years of cooperation, the two sides have also co-developed alternative energy vehicles. For example, in the 1990s, the two sides tested the first hydrogen fuel vehicle on the market; in 2001, Hermes tested the fuel cell vehicle Mercedes-Benz in the normal operating environment; in 2011, Hermes put the first mass production Mercedes-Benz electric car In April 2016, Hermes tested five battery-powered Mercedes-Benz electric cars in the city of Stuttgart for distribution in the city.