The cooperation between lv and dior

Louis Vuitton’s parent company, the French luxury giant LVMH Group, announced the acquisition of the remaining shares of Christian Dior to strengthen its control over the brand. Since then, Dior’s business will be fully integrated into the LVMH’s luxury empire.

The family of the French billionaire Bernard Arnault, who owns the 74% stake in Dior, will buy the remaining 26 in the hands of small and medium shareholders for 12.1 billion euros % Stake.

According to a series of developed transactions, LVMH will receive the entire stake in Christian Dior Couture, a senior fashion business of Dior Group. After the transaction is completed, Christian Dior Couture will be incorporated into the road and the leather and leather department.

Dior’s small and medium shareholders can choose to accept cash payments or Hermes (Hermes International) shares.

If the small and medium shareholders choose Hermes shares, but also to Arnold in a successful investment at the same time, exempt from paying taxes.

LVMH in 2010 announced the holdings of rival Hermes 17.1% stake, had shocked the industry. The move also let Hermes holding family against LVMH’s actions to appeal, and set up a holding company to protect its ownership of the company.

Under the offer, the Arnault family will pay 172 euros in cash for the shares of Dior stock through the subsidiary Semyrhamis, plus 0.192 shares of Hermes stock.

The deal is valued at € 260 per share, up 14.7% from the closing price of € 226.85 on April 24, 18.6% higher than the previous month’s average, up 25.9% from the previous three-month average.