Women can not resist the temptation of hermes perfume???

In 1837, Hermes this brand was born, that time, it is the production of harness, is the family heritage skills, has gone through six generations. The main brand is the quality, although the price is expensive, but it’s meticulous workmanship, spend time long, is completely matched with the price. It is said that a worker to spend fifty hours, fine grinding, in order to achieve a bag we see. Also because of this, even if the price is expensive, but its products are still in short supply.

Relative to leather goods, Hermes perfume time is much shorter, to the present, probably five or sixty years look. Especially in the nineties, perfume gradually developed a certain momentum. In the French market, became the twelfth. Compared to many of the world famous perfume brand, which is already a good result, not to mention its perfume was not started many years. Hermes perfume has a full-time perfumers, and its perfume carefully tested, has its own unique product attributes, including the concept of fashion life, but also a warm attitude.

This can be seen in the counter. The color of the bottle is shallow golden yellow, the design of the bottle to scarf as a pattern. Hermes in the production and production of scarves has a long history, and thus in the perfume design, but also very good use of the original concept. With the Mediterranean romance. Perfume taste more unique, a touch of pure feeling, there are flowers. Its designer for perfume positioning is smooth, clear, this is the sky, but also the integration of the sun’s bright. Like the combination of early morning and noon. For women, the perfume has its own sexy and mysterious, with golden dazzling vitality.